Scene 1 (at Cinderella’s home)


Narrator: Once upon a time there was a beautiful young girl named Cinderella.
She had two ugly stepsisters who were very cruel to her.

Stepsister1: Did you clean the kitchen?

Cinderella: Yes, I did.

Stepsister2: Did you polish my shoes?

Cinderella: Yes, I did.

Stepsister1: Did you iron my clothes?

Cinderella: Yes, I did.

Stepsister2: And…did you make breakfast?

Cinderella: Yes, breakfast is ready.

Narrator: The evil stepsisters made Cinderella do all the hard work.

Cinderella: (calling out) Stepsisters! A letter from the royal palace has arrived for you.

Stepsister1: (fighting) Give it to me! I want to open it.

Stepsister2: (fighting) No! I want to open it.

Stepsis1&2: (looking at the invitation card) Look! We are invited to the Prince’s ball the royal palace.

Cinderella: (crying sadly) I wish I could go, too.

Narrator: The night of the ball arrived.

Stepsister1: (laughing) Ha, ha! We are going to have a great time at the ball.

Stepsister2: (laughing) Have a great night working, Cinderella.

Narrator: After the evil stepsisters had left, suddenly, a fairy appeared.

Cinderella: Oh my! Who are you?

Fairy godma: I’m your fairy godmother, beautiful Cinderella. I am here to help you go to the ball tonight.

Narrator: The fairy godmother waved her magic wand. Cinderella’s rags turned into
a beautiful dress.

Cinderella: Wow! It’s so beautiful.

Narrator: On her feet were sparkling glass slippers.

Cinderella: Oh, I love them!

Narrator: The fairy godmother turned a pumpkin into an amazing coach
and some mice into horses.

Cinderella: What a lovely coach and handsome horses.

Fair godma: You are ready now, my dear. Have fun tonight, but be back by midnight, or else!

Cinderella: Okay, fairy godmother! Thank you.


Scene 2 (at the ball)

Narrator: At the ball, everyone wondered who the beautiful princess was.

Guest1(lady): Who is that beautiful princess?

Guest2(man): I’ve never seen such a beautiful woman in my life!

Stepsister1: Oh no! The Prince is going to dance with her.

Stepsister2: This is not fair! He was meant to dance with me.

Prince: Would you like to dance with me?

Cinderella: Oh, yes, your highness.

Narrator: The Prince danced every dance with her. Suddenly,

the clock began to strike. Twelve.

Cinderella: I must go! Thank you for the dance.

Prince: Please stay!(shouting) What is your name?

Narrator: Cinderella did not answer and ran back to the coach, but she lost one of her
Glass slippers on the way. Then, the coach and horses disappeared.
Cinderella’s beautiful dress turned back to rags.

Cinderella: Oh no! Everything’s gone. My beautiful dress and my sparkling slippers, where are they?
Was it a dream?


Scene 3 (at Cinderella’s home)

Narrator: The next day, the Prince set out to find Cinderella again.

Prince: I want every girl in the kingdom to try on this lost glass slipper. I must find my princess.

Narrator: But the glass slipper didn’t fit anyone.
The Prince then arrived at Cinderella’s house.

Stepsister1: Good morning Prince. I am so happy that you found my slipper.

Stepsister2: It is my slipper. I am the princess you are looking for.

Narrator: The ugly sisters tried to fit into the slipper.

Stepsister1: Let me try first!

Stepsister2: No. Your feet are much too big. Give it to me!

Narrator: Their feet were much too big. Then the Prince saw Cinderella.

Prince: Let this girl try.

Stepsister1: But that’s only Cinderella.

Stepsister2: She didn’t go to the ball. The slipper won’t fit her!

Narrator: Cinderella sat down and tried on the slipper.

Prince: It fits!

Cinderella: It fits!

Stepsis 1&2: (surprised) It fits?

Prince: (smiling) You are the one I’ve been looking for! What is your name?

Cinderella: (smiling) My name is Cinderella.

Narrator: The Prince had found his princess and they lived happily ever after.